Phase 1 Editor Frank Curzio reveals a
new technique for booking
200-300% gains – more safely –
on the world's tiniest companies
WHAT: A live, online training session featuring S&A's leading small-stock analyst, Frank Curzio

WHEN: Thursday, February 20, 2014, at 8 p.m. Eastern (5 p.m. Pacific)

WHERE: Online – streaming, via secure website

COST: Just register in advance and it's FREE (includes training materials)!
YES! I want to discover how to more safely book 200-300% gains!

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Dear Reader,

If you like HUGE stock gains – mark your calendar now.

The big event happens Thursday, February 20th, at 8 p.m. Eastern (5 p.m. Pacific).

I'm talking about the first-ever LIVE training session from Frank Curzio.

In case you don't know Frank, he edits the ultra-successful research advisory, Phase 1 Investor.

Phase 1 focuses on the world's tiniest stocks. Frank uses a proprietary set of indicators to pinpoint microcap and small-cap stocks poised for huge gains. (And his Rolodex of CEOs, analysts and industry insiders is legendary.)

Some of Frank's recommended stocks are so tiny, you'll probably never hear about them.

Yet he has perfected a system for pinpointing these "off the radar" companies just before they skyrocket.

Consider some of the current picks in Frank's Phase 1 model portfolio.
116.61% on a tiny Canadian mining company...
205.26% on a biotech company cracking the human genetic code...
151.10% on a tiny North American mining firm...
154.38% on a tiny bioengineering firm...
126.8% on a pharmaceutical holding company he just sold...
The list goes on.

The really amazing thing: Not only does Frank hand his readers the opportunity for huge gains. He does it with almost boring regularity. Right now, Frank has 22 positions in Phase 1's open model portfolio. Sixteen of them are in the black – for a 73% win rate. Considering how tiny these stocks are – and how choppy the markets have been – we think thats remarkable.

But here's what's even more amazing.

Just days from now, Frank will reveal one of his most powerful trading techniques – for the first time ever.

Using this technique alone, anyone can have the chance to systematically pocket enormous gains – on tiny stocks.

Yeah, you read that right.

Can You Really Pocket 100%... 200%... Even 300%... Without Taking Crazy Risks?

Meet Your Trainer:
Frank Curzio


Frank Curzio edits Phase 1 Investor, the most successful microcap stock advisory in the 14-year history of S&A Investment Research.

Frank looks for speculative stocks with outstanding growth potential, focusing on natural resource stocks, and emerging technologies in the high-tech, life science, and biotechnology industries.

As a nationally recognized expert on small stock research, Frank's expertise and success have led to guest appearances on Fox Business news, CNBC's The Kudlow Report, and CNBC's The Call. You may have also heard Frank's name on Jim Cramer's Mad Money, as a featured guest on CNN Radio, and has been quoted in many major financial publications.

Just days from now, Frank will host his first-ever live training event: "Flash Bids": The new, safer way to pocket 200-300% from the world's tiniest companies.

To attend, for free, simply register with the sign-up form above.

Then mark your calendar for Thursday, February 20th, at 8 p.m. Eastern.
Imagine pocketing 100%... 200%... even 300%... multiple times... over the next 12-24 months.

Further, imagine doing it without options... without taking a single crazy risk.

In fact, you can see these kinds of gains – with less risk and way more upside than you might see with regular stocks, options or even many bonds.

The key is a proprietary, three-step technique that Frank will reveal for the first time.

Bottom line: "Flash bids" can ensure that you NEVER overpay for a small-cap stock again.

Plus, it ensures that you're able to capture massive upside from the highest-quality microcaps on earth.

You'll discover exactly how to use this powerful technique at Frank's upcoming LIVE training event: "FLASH BIDS": The new, safer way to pocket 200-300% from the worlds tiniest companies.

During this hour-long session, Frank will reveal his "flash bid" strategy to you – for the first time.

The event will happen online – so you wont have to leave the comfort of your living room.

He has never revealed this secret before. But hes doing it now for one simple reason.

Flash bidding works in any market – but it works best in choppy markets like these.

You'll see exactly why on Thursday night.

You'll also discover:
1) FRANK'S 3 "GOLDEN KEYS" TO FLASH BID RICHES: These indicators will help you pinpoint the exact stocks you should be targeting with your flash bids right now.

2) THE HOTTEST FLASH BID SECTORS FOR 2014: Frank will reveal the 2 hottest sectors for generating "flash-bid riches" in these volatile markets.

3) THE #1 TRICK TO BEAT THE MARKET MAKERS EVERY time: How to "flip the script" on the market makers – and tell THEM how much you'll pay for your small-cap stocks from now on.

4) THE "PROFIT LOCK" – HOW TO SELL FOR TRIPLE-DIGIT GAINS: How to lock in gains of 200-300% by selling at precisely the right moment... time after time.

And much, much more...
As Frank says, you'll be shocked at how simple flash bidding really is.

All you have to do is show up for the live training, and discover how to start flash bidding your way to triple-digit gains – the following morning when the market bell rings.

Like I said before, you can attend the event for free.

But of course, there's a catch here.

Actually, there are two.

WARNING: Why You May Not Be Right for this Training

First, Frank doesnt recommend blue chip stocks. This isnt a "buy and hold" investing strategy. And it's not for the timid.

Yes, you can use his flash-bid technique on whales like Proctor & Gamble, IBM and Google.

But it works best with the tiniest stocks on the planet. I'm talking about microcap stocks you've probably never heard of. Many of them list on the over-the-counter exchanges, and the pink sheets.

Frankly, you might not be right for this kind of trading.

This is for speculators only – big-game hunters, if you will.

If you're happy sitting on your mutual funds, bonds and blue chips... If you're not willing to consider a little more risk for potential gains of 200-300%...

If you're not willing to try a radically different approach to buying stocks...

Then this strategy may not be best suited for you.

However, if you want to learn how to book huge gains from the most respected small-stock expert on the planet... then step forward.

This could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

But one more thing...

Why You Need to Reserve Your Seat NOW

We'll be broadcasting this event online – live. But you must register now – in advance – to attend.

To reserve your spot right away, simply enter your info below.

Once you sign up, we'll send you complete details about the event.

And it gets even better...

Simply tune in the night of the event and you'll receive an amazing gift from Frank himself.

Here's what I mean...

FREE Bonus for Training Attendees ONLY: Turning $5,000 into $149,799

You might think Frank, as a small-cap specialist, loves risk. The small-cap space is full of so-called gunslingers – wild-eyed speculators willing to roll the dice.

But Frank takes the exact opposite approach. The key to booking huge gains with tiny stocks, consistently, is driving down the level of risk.

And Frank has perfected another technique that combines small-caps and safety in a unique way. According to the historical data, it's the easiest, safest way to turn small-cap stocks into hundreds – even thousands of percent gains over time.

I'm talking about tiny, well-capitalized companies paying fat dividends.

Frank has just authorized the release of a special report – for Flash Bids training attendees only.
It reveals his proprietary strategy for booking huge income with micro- and small-cap stocks. Plus, it reveals Franks #1 small-cap dividend stock right now!
You'll receive this report when you tune in for Thursday nights event – and you'll pay nothing. The report is called Small-Cap Dividends: The safest way to turn $5,000 into $149,799.

Depending on how you use this recommendation, it could potentially hand you an extra $1,000... $10,000... or much more in the coming months.

Again, simply attend Thursday night's live training event and Franks small-cap dividend report is yours, free.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Here's to the most profitable year of trading you've ever experienced,

Jared Kelly
"Flash Bids": The new, safer way to pocket 200-300% from the world's tiniest companies.

YES! I want to discover how to more safely book 200-300% gains!

Sign me up for S&A's live event: "FLASH BIDS": The new, safer way to pocket 200-300% from the world's tiniest companies. Please reserve my seat for Frank Curzio's upcoming training... and send all additional training materials to the following email address (no charge to me, of course):